Friday, June 4, 2010

I Want You To Know

 ... that Craft Hope has posted project 8 - washcloths and hand towels for the Gulf Coast oil spill. They will be used to help clean the dolphins and sea turtles that have had the misfortune of swimming through the oil. Deadline is July 3rd. They ask for nothing fancy - these will be discarded after a few uses.

(photo from Nancy's Notions)

... that there is another great opportunity to touch lives less fortunate. I bet lots of you are familiar with Nancy's Notions but I would gander that few of you (like me) didn't know about Little Dresses for Africa. My boys frown upon wearing dresses so my opportunity to sew them is limited. I don't know when I will get to this project but thought it was too good not to share. Here is a link to a kit that Nancy sells.

... that Heather Jane is gearing up to host another great summer of Go Local. She plans on having guest bloggers sharing their tips, recipes, and I'm sure some not so funny at the time stories (she is gladly accepting offers of those who wish to write a post). This year is all about using your bounty. I'm really excited for this year's Go Local. I desperately want to learn how to can and if nothing else this summer learn other ways of preserving and creatively eating our loot.

(logo from Mister Linky's web site)

... that I finally did it. I figured out how to get Mister Linky's Magical Widgets to work. Check it out on my most recent Turn the page ... Tuesday post. The holiday weekend had us all a bit off kilter - there are some links that were added on Wednesday. And yes, for those of you who have been Mister Linky proficient for some time ... I am utterly embarrassed how simple it is. sigh.

(logo from Goop website)

... that I now Goop? I stumbled upon it a while ago, thought I had subscribed to the newsletter, and then forgot all about it (obviously I hadn't subscribed). I don't remember what brought it to my mind again the other day but I thought you might be interested too. This time I did get on the email list. I was intrigued by the recipe that arrived in my inbox but have not gotten my act together to actually make it ... but lo and behold - someone else has. I'd say I'm going to have to try this one out real soon.
... that over the next few weeks I plan to dig into my 'drafts' and share posts that somehow never made it to publication. I'm cleaning house. I hope you enjoy my random thoughts.

.... that's all. Feel free to share with me anything you want me to know ... I love to be in the know :-P


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You are such a wealth of knowledge. My little brain houses only what I need to know....There's not much room left, so I have nothing worthy to share.

Paige said...

All's I know is that you've got your finger on the pulse of some good cyber happenings! The summer edition of the Vintage Swap is taking sign-ups right now; I've participated a couple times and it's always fun.
Have a good weekend!

Paula said...

I searched my brain and, nope, not much there to share. I love the Go Local (wait, is that what it's called....)Anyway, we try to buy as much local food and produce as we can. Not sure how our own little garden is going to do this year as it certainly hasn't stopped raining yet...

Sara said...

I've heard mixed reviews of GOOP. The latest was this post.

I guess I'll have to check it out for myself!

P.S. Halfway through The Island--it's getting gooooooood!