Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who Ya Gonna Call?

You all have heard me whine about having to clean many times before.

I don't like to. Don't think I ever will.

I do however like recycling, saving money and, excuses to sew.

Head on over to Sew Much Ado for a tutorial to make these nifty reusable swiffer covers. I had enough scrap flannel to make three and I think that should do it. I've hit all three: recycled, saved money, and sewed a wee bit ;-)

And remember, when the dust bunnies start a revolt, I'll be pulling out my dust busters ... who ya gonna call?


Over Yonder said...

VERY cool. I hate to clean too....I'm doing a whole lot of it this week though as my BFF from high school is coming to visit this weekend. EEEEEk.

Ruth said...

That's such a great idea. I will have to try them. The store bought ones are so expensive.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Love those dusters. What an idea! There are days when I think those dust bunnies are going to take over. And it all shows on my hardwood floors.

Paula said...

Really? Cool! I'm headed over. FUN STUFF!

(I finished the knitting on my May(d) for me sweater last night...late last night. I was determined. Now I just have to weave in the ends, block it and stitch on a button. Yay!)

periwinkle said...

If I call would you come and clean all my dust bunnies away too please?

angela said...

Oh man, I hate dusting! It seems like a never-ending chore. But now, with a fun sewing project maybe I can tolerate dusting a little more!!! Thanks for sharing.