Thursday, May 6, 2010

Money Laundering

Ok. I'll admit it. Sometimes I live on the ~wild~ side.

I don't check pockets before doing the wash.

I know I know! You all are utterly shocked at my risky behavior. I'm appalled myself sometimes too. Like when I find lip stuff (after it's run through the dryer), or game pieces from What's In Ned's Head, or some unknown thing that is probably best left untouched (and the wash redone).

Well, it finally caught up with me. I threw a load in not realizing that little ol' me would have the offending article(s) this time.


I never have cash.


This rare occasion was due to a birthday party that John was so graciously invited to attend (it was Henry's friend) and I wanted to pay for his round of put put thus the green backs.

I realized my horrific lapse when I actually needed the dinero - as I was walking out the door to somewhere else that I needed cash - and where oh where was my money ... DRATS! In my back pocket of the shorts that were in the wash - soaking wet! What was even worse was that I didn't know if my machine had eaten any of it. I mean, we all know how much our washers love socks - take them for ransom and then never pay up. So what was I to think when I bolted to the basement, lifted the lid, and only saw one 10 dollar bill and three 1 dollar bills ... where were my other 7 dollars?

I didn't' have time to dig through wet clothes so I shoved it all in the dryer, said some nice things to my appliances and hoped for the best. I figured if I was out a few bucks I would have to chalk it up to one of those unexpected services fees.


Lo and behold wouldn't you know that sweet talking got me somewhere. Not only did my money come out clean as a whistle (albeit wrinkled) ...

but I gained 10 cents. I guess it pays to launder your money after all.

Don't forget Turn the page ... Tuesday tomorrow.
It's time for May(d) for Me!
So what are you going to make?


Lindsey said...

I check all pockets all the time. After laundering my son's ipod shuffle, then having to replace it, I don't want to take another chance!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I work at a financial institution -- we're always on the look-out for you money-laundering types. Be good Adrienne and don't spend all your loot in one place!

Stacey's Treasures said...

I hung jeans on the line recently & found a $20 laying on the lawn below the line. I'm sure glad it wasn't a windy day!

moss stitch said...

I'm not surprised anymore by what comes out of the pockets in my wash but hate the tissues!!
I used to work with someone who pressed his money - have to admit it was lovely and crisp!!

Paula said...

Hopefully your picture doesn't show up on the wall of the post office for your money-laundering schemes!
I once laundered color crayons when my girls were small. We had the most colorful clothes for awhile after that. Those wax crayons don't hold up any to well in the dryer.

Paige said...

Oh, it is that time of year again! I've got many things that I wanna make, namely a couple of tops for myself. Hopefully I can get started next week. What are you gonna make?