Monday, May 17, 2010

Felt So Good

Heading to the post office today was not a chore. No. It felt so good.

I was mailing my package for Craft Hope - Liberia Orphan Education Project.

I had a few bumps in the road while making these bean bags (I tried embroidering them first) and had lots of help along they way ...

Yes, those are aquarium pellets. Everywhere.

And yes, those are "embellished" bean bags ... that will teach me to leave my puffy paint out. I should have known that my little guy was itching to get his hands on some again after our last time.

I also realized at.the.last.minute. that I had not included all the colors suggested and that I misspelled 'grey'. An email to Jade (the mastermind behind Craft Hope) quickly eased my anxiety and got me straight. I had time to add some more colors but could leave my color interpretation as is ;-)

I had forgotten that working with felt was so easy. Oh my. My boys are itching for me to make a set for them. And I will happily oblige. They wanted these for themselves. I had to explain more than once that these were going to boys and girls who didn't have a school like they did. These boys and girls needed mommies to make these so they could learn. A hard concept for little ones who haven't known such hardships. Lots of questions and much discussion ... and many prayers for those little ones 'to be able to learn'.

I was able to use some stashed fabric, bias tape and rope to make the bags. I cut the bags 12" across by 14" long (cut on the fold to avoid a bottom seam) and 2 strips of bias tape/rope each 31" long for the ties. I followed this simple tutorial for a drawstring bag and made french seams.

No matter the what the color or shape ... this project felt good indeed.


Ruth said...

They look great. I had these on my list to make and then construction began and I don't even remember what my sewing machine looks like. LOL

I am sure they will be a blessing.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You did good! And it's great that you had helpers. It's truly a compliment that they want a set of their own.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

yeah for you! and what a good teaching moment for your little helpers...

Paige said...

Fantastic, Adrienne!