Monday, April 5, 2010

The State Of Affairs :: Improvisation

It's been a wee bit chaotic over here. On Friday night we prepared for some demolition by removing everything from most of the lower cabinets and top drawers in the kitchen. This is what my dinning room looks like:

Thankfully we had some ply board in the basement so we could still make coffee and toast:

Nothing like a little improvisation.

They are coming today to install the new counter tops - hip hip hooray! I am so excited to be near the end of this project (laundry room next). Our exterminator came early this AM to plug up the holes that were discovered ... Jerry and his friends have been having a feast in our kitchen (more about that later).

I have been paralysed when it comes to 'crafting' with all this work going on - when my world is topsy turvy I just can't seem to do anything ... except get my camera out ...

Oh how those dimpled boys make this mama smile.

I hope you had a blessed Easter. We certainly did. So much to be thankful for ... washing dishes in the bathtub included!
Don't forget about Turn the page ... Tuesday tomorrow!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Certainly helps to have such a sporting spirit, Adrienne! Good for you! BTW, I think your dining room looks lovely!

Nice dimples!


Paula said...

Those are the most handsome Easter boys ever!

Here's to washing dishes in the bathtub - builds character!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Cute boys....And is Jerry dead? You're giving me the creepy-crawlies. At least the end is near. And of course, it will be beautiful in the end.

Jill said...

Ahhhh, ya gotta love home improvements. They build character, if nothing else. :)

Your boys are beautiful! LOVE their complementary jackets.

See you tomorrow!

Paige said...

Awwww...they are so darn cute!! I'm glad you had a good Easter - we did, too. I'm still stuffed...!