Saturday, March 13, 2010

State Of Affairs :: The Subs

Our contractor extraordinaire is the best.


Want to know why?

He encourages his 'subs' to help out (when safety isn't an issue of coarse).

Has the 'team' shed some light on the situation.

And truly is on top of things.

My boys adore him. No wondering why!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Looks like progress. Thank goodness for helpers.

luci said...

Brilliant. and what an awesome contractor!

Angela said...

I'm sure the boys are thrilled with all of the building and tearing apart and installing! It's looking good!

Paula said...

I love how boys, no matter their age, want to know how everything works. What a great contractor for letting them "help"!

Over Yonder said...

CUTE! especially the helpers!

Ruth said...

They look like some hard working helpers. They must be loving every minute of it.


It's A Wonderful said...

How cute! I love the orange tshirt.

I'm thinking of redoing my kitchen with white you like them? Lucky, lucky girl!