Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Turn The Page ... Tuesday

I just loved this book. It was such a warm and fuzzy read. Mrs. Harris, or Mrs. 'arris as she would say is someone I would want as my friend. Despite cleaning up other people's messes (she is a 'charwoman' - a cleaning lady in London) she has the best attitude. I wish I had a bit of her in me (I sure as heck don't like to clean). She's got a nice balance of faith, superstition, and spunk to make this book fun. I could just picture she and her best friend, Mrs. Butterfield, "who was as large and stout as Mrs. Harris appeared to be thin and frail". The adventure she embarks on at the beginning of the book not only changes her life but of those she encounters along the way, despite their resistance. She's just that kinda gal.

As if her story couldn't get any better than the excitement she has along the way ... let's just say any woman would be please with the end result. Definitely a happy ending book ;-)

A side note - My mom said that this book was made into a movie (I'm clueless) ... I think I'm going to have to try to find it. If you do ... read the book first :-p


I tried to get Mister Linky working for me but I am just so dated when it come to technology these days. They sent a reply to my inquiry (I forgot to tell them who I was - ack!) ... so hopefully (they will find me) I'll have him up and running for next month's TTPT. In the meantime ... just leave me a comment or email me { someofakind at gmail dot com } and let me know if you participated. I'll add your link below. Happy reading!



Jill said...

I'm in! I didn't realize how much I read till I put it all down "on paper". As always, thanks for such a great idea!
- Jill


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Hi Adrienne -- You know I'm in with a little Beatrix Potter tale for grown-ups. Your book choice sounds darling. A perfect read for sitting by a crackling fire, with a cuppa. Thanks for hosting this.

luci said...

oops. I bought a pile of books for christmas. all, as yet, unread. I even got water for elephants as had been suggested for a good read. I havent even quite finished the shadow of the wind yet! waaay behind.

Debi said...

Hi Adrienne! I finally posted TTPT... I don't have the opportunity to post during the week until evening. Your book sounds good and so do the others... I love this idea. Thanks again for hosting!

Paula said...

I'm late once again, but finally have my TTPT post up.
Is your book an old one? It looks like it and I LOVE old books. Sounds like a fun read.
Your last months post made me pull my copy of Water For Elephants off the shelf and finally read it. I finished it last night and OMG was it ever good! Loved it!

Rachel said...

I just reserved this from my library. I'm looking forward to it!
(BTW, the author was prolific. I'm curious about his other books now.)

Stacey's Treasures said...

This does sound like a fun book!
I didn't get much reading done this month.

Paige said...

I love TTPT, Adrienne - so glad you've put this all together!