Thursday, December 31, 2009


It is so important to DH and I to make sure our boys know the why we celebrate Christmas and that it's not about what we get (or give for that matter) but who is in our hearts. I think when John belted out Happy Birthday to baby Jesus Christmas morning we all took an extra moment to give thanks ... and yes, joyfully we all sang along.

We added a new tradition this year (aside from the impromptu birthday number); we celebrated the winter solstice. It was really last minute but we managed to pull together a small activity and talk a bit about the changing of the seasons.

Once we gathered all our supplies

and held a quick quality control check

it was all systems GO

I hope our little birds enjoyed their snack as much as mine did making it!
Next year I see popcorn being strung, bird feeders being made, and bells a-ringin'. I have already scoped out a few books from the library and put them on my list for next year. See, one thing I intend to do in 2010 is do more with less. I want us to play more games as a family, create more memories of good ol' back yard fun, and get out and take in some of the history in our area. We are more mobile now that the boys are older and I want us to soak up life up. Be aware of the who's, what's, why's, and where's.

So, I say adieu to the shortest day of the year and celebrate the end of 2009 ... until 2010 my friends!

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periwinkle said...

couldn't agree with you more on the " more with less " something I've been thinking a lot about and need to put into practice