Thursday, November 12, 2009


Do you save every crafty idea you fall in love with? I do. Sometimes I print them right away because I just know I'm going to get to it asap (I'm not even going to go there ...).

I finally removed one set of instructions from the tower, ahem, stack. It came about out of necessity really. We bought one of those coffee makers that has two stainless cups and you can brew just one side or both. It's bliss. I don't know why really. Maybe it's because both DH and I are gadget geeks.

But I digress. The honeymoon was over when we kept forgetting who's cup was who's. That is until I remembered that somewhere, some time ago I had seen this great thing that would be perfect.

A coffee cozy. The honeymoon was back on - not only did I have it in my 'asap' file but I had it close to the top. It was meant to be.

I dug in my stash bin again and found some of my favorite Joel Dewberry (aviary) and went to town ... not realizing that I had laid it out upside down!

Maybe if I drank the leaded stuff I wouldn't have gotten turned around (or maybe if I had just paid attention to the directions!). Oh well. At least DH and I won't get mixed up anymore.

Fill-er-up ... unleaded please.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Love it!

Ruth said...

It looks great. I have seen those great machines. I love the fabric you chose.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

unleaded? oh dearie... i'm in a writing funk, so i just made some dunkin' donuts coffee, but first drizzled chocolate syrup in my cup. poured in the joe, lifted syrup up with my spoon and topped it with whip cream... such decadence for a thursday!

lovely creations... as always. and i adore the honeymoon pic... what fun! what fun!!

Stacey's Treasures said...

That is a very cute coffee cuddy!

Paige said...

Very cute, Adrienne! And yes. YES. I'm a total Saver-of-Every-Crafty-Idea-I-Come-Across. So glad I'm not the only one with a stack of print-outs as high as a freakin' mountain!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm terrible at following directions -- either way, your project looks great. You never had to admit to making a mistake, no one could tell :)
Have a great weekend.
-- Jodi

Paula said...

No getting those darn cups mixed up now! I love that fabric and have some in brown and orangish.
My big tough Army son was asking me awhile back to make him a coffee cup cozy and I still haven't done it. You've just given me the inspiration, wonder how long it'll sit in my tower of I'm-going-to-make-that-next projects?

heather jane said...

The Mail Man just bought one of those at the thrift store. I find it so freaking cool that I almost want to start drinking coffee. I never really considered drinking unleaded...but it does sound nice for winter!

I have two colorways of that stuff. I so wish I had bought more!!

jannza said...

Oh, I think it is great! Love the little bird. : )

I'd be smiling the whole time I was drinking.

Yarni Gras! said...

love it! I got one as a surprise and use it all the time....I have the pattern in my stack of stuff to make too! Thanks for the tip about getting your fabric on right side up!

Jackie: said...

Great job! I haven't tired it yet either and I printed it months ago. The sad part is I bought the fabric and other supplies to make it and they are sitting there as well!