Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turn The Page ... Tuesday

I had it all figured out.

Nicolas Sparks, I've read enough of your books to figure out where you are going ... or so I thought.

A Bend in the Road is a heart wrenching good book in true Sparks fashion. There is tragedy, friendship, love, lies, and a whole lot of 'please let it all be ok'. The two main characters experienced great losses in very different ways - they meet - begin healing - find happiness - and you guessed it ... the metaphorical bend in the road becomes something they are unsure if they can straighten out. This books keeps your heart on edge wondering what is going to happen and will they all be alright. Goodness knows they all have been through enough already. I thought I was so clever and 'knew' the ending before the end ... I was wrong. And boy was I surprised.

If you've never read one of his books - I'd say add this to your list (don't worry - this isn't a mushy wushy read). If you are a Sparks fan but haven't read this one ... that goes for you too!

As our other TTPT bloggers post I'll add a link to their reviews - happy reading!


Paula said...

I am a Sparks fan, but haven't read that one. You're right, usually you can see where he's going. Curious that you couldn't with this one and adding it to my list (my very long list)!

The Jolly Bee said...

So is it a depressing ending??? The first Sparks' book I read was the one with the message in the bottle (was that the title? I can't remember). Anyhow, the ending completely threw me. I was upset for days. The older I get, the more I'm gravitating toward happy books. So, give me a little hint!
-- Jodi

jannza said...

Hi again, Adrienne. Just posted my November review. Sorry I missed the October run.

I am fond of Sparks as well. I'll have to read this one!

Debi said...

I just posted my read... better late than never. Crazy day with voting and all. I am also a Sparks fan, can't wait to read this one. Have you ever purchased books online? I love http://www.betterworldbooks.com The books are around $3-$3.50 each and no shipping. The profits go to help end illiteracy in the world. If you don't mind used books it's a great deal!

Jill said...

My first review! Thanks for starting this, Adrienne!


- Jill

Stacey's Treasures said...

I have read one Sparks book. It was good.
I missed this turn the page Tuesday. I had my book sitting on my computer, but got called away to other duties.