Thursday, October 22, 2009

To Everything There Is A Season

To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under heaven ...

Ecclesiastes 3

I am trying hard to embrace these words. I have been working on that since Henry was born (yes, that would be 5 1/2 years now ... I'm a slow learner). We took a little road trip this weekend and this verse came to mind over and over again (read traveling with children, it was cold, it rained, it was windy, and we tried to shop ... w.h.i.n.i.n.g.).

We headed to Virginia Beach for the Oceana Air Show. DH and I had been years ago ... long before children and it was awesome.
When we arrived at the hotel we decided to go to the beach and burn off some steam.

Here's the mandatory feet in the sand picture ...

Only I'm wearing wool socks ;-)

The boys ran around for a bit but settled in one spot for a few moments.

I can't say I blame them.

This was the first time the verse came to mind. God's simple reminder to me that to everything there is a season. The ocean is still there with waves crashing in the surf even if it's too cold for us to splash around. The sand may shift under our feet but He is steady. The children may squirm, complain, and aggravate each other but even they can stand in awe of God's creation no matter what the season.

We are in a hard place. I know those of you who have children understand. 5 1/2 and 3 (tomorrow!) are full of wonder but also attitude (I know ... wait until they are teenagers!). But I digress ... back to our mini-vacation.

Sadly, the weather was too poor for the planes to fly. Thankfully there were plenty that were on the tarmac - we could climb in and out of, push buttons, and walk thru. Henry spent most of the day like this:

John spent most of his like this:

John did perk up a quite a bit when we hit the kiddy section where there were bouncy jumpers and slides. We spent a significant amount of time there! After DH and I had had enough of the germ fest we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel; and to our pleasant surprise got our own private mini air show:

We caught the Blue Angels turning around a few times while in formation. Much excitement was to be had in room 722. All was not lost!

We had to keep things moving lest the whining begin again. This verse popped back into my head again while standing behind the boys while while waiting for the elevator. We were headed to the indoor pool but we had to go in and out of two buildings to get there and dressed them (semi) appropriately ...

I need to carve out more quite time.

I need to relax a little bit more; even when my children are being a bit much - it's their season.

I just need to grab my life vest and dress my heart accordingly.

Yes, to everything there is a season indeed.


Angela said...

Well said. Thanks for the reminder. Our little ones are only little for a season. We need to soak it up and enjoy!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad that you know what to do even though it is difficult.

My baby is 17 and I miss some of those seasons. I really do.

~I just need to grab my life vest and dress my heart accordingly.~ My favorite line.

Debi said...

I love reading your blog... you inspire me! thank you.

Ruth said...

Beautiful post and a much needed reminder. I am trying to enjoy our homeschool time more this year and not let it be just about the school books.


Joy said...

Yes to so many different seasons! I often want to hurry the seasons along and forget to stop and fully take them in and then later I find that I missed a whole season. Thankful for seasons! Thankful for your reminder! ;)

Kris said...

Great post Adrienne :)

Paula said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of the two boys on the beach. Great shot and a great reminder to enjoy the season's that we're experiencing now. They go by way to quickly, though I can honestly say that I do not miss taking road trips with small children. LOL!

Aren't the Blue Angels fantastic? Can't get enough of watching them.