Thursday, October 8, 2009

Splat Mat

... for the fat cat.
My cat is quite overweight.
He is 14.9 lbs.

Poor kitty.

He is big boned and has lots of fur.
I promise all of that is not just squishy flab.
It was time to take action.
Eleven years of being 'free range' has taken it's toll.
He is now on the CatKins diet. For real - check it out here - I'm not making this up ;-)

My kitty's woes don't just stop there ... he had to have two teeth pulled. He's doing great now and has adjusted to his new food but I felt he needed something to lift his spirits. So I made what every cat needs - his very own splat mat. I pulled some fabric from my stash and ironed on some vinyl to make for an easy clean (he's a messy eater - just like all the other males in this house ... don't get me started on all their bathrooms).

I think it's just puuuurrrrfect.


Paige said...

Now that is clever! We have two cats, and they're messy, too. Perhaps I should make a Splat Mat for them. Hmmm....
I wanna see a pic of your furry friend!

louise said...

Maybe the lovely splat mat will take your kitties mind off his new diet. I am sure he will appreciate his treat from you. x

Rachel said...

Your posts are so much fun to read!