Monday, August 3, 2009

Go Local 2009 :: Fish Food

It seems as if I've fallen off the Go Local wagon (or is it on the wagon?). Summer seems to be slipping through my fingers. It's going way to fast. Henry will begin kindergarten in 3 weeks ... THREE weeks! I digress ...

We have been eating tons of great stuff from our CSA but I haven't really made anything very exciting lately ... unless you consider zuchini and squash exciting. Anywho ... I was emailing Heather Jane and realized that I do indeed have a post for today!

We only ate dinner out once while on vacation and DH and I made the most of it.

Fresh lobster, crab, shrimp, mussels, and oysters - all from the coast of North Carolina. To say we pigged out would be an understatement. We took the risk and got the oysters despite the R rule (only eat oysters in the months that end with R) since they were local. They were tiny but DH said they were delish and had no side affects ;-)

It will be a long time before we eat like that again ... the downside of being inland!


Rachelle said...
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heather jane said...

Now that's my kind of local meal. Yumm-Oh!!! What a feast!!!

Angela said...


Ruth said...

This looks so yummy!!