Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And I Quote

... Henry, The Official Kindergartner

1. I didn’t learn how to read.
2. Some poor kid cried the whole time.
3. I want to buy my lunch on pizza day.
4. I didn’t get to go to the principal’s office (this is actually a reward for several consecutive days of good behavior – not a punishment – this really confused me until I looked it up on the teacher’s website).
5. I only made one friend today but maybe I will make another one tomorrow.
6. I used the bathroom many, many times.
7. There is a boy in our class who can’t eat peanut butter or he will die.
8. Can I go back to school tonight or do I have to wait until tomorrow?
9. I got a smiley face (sticker) because I was good.
10. I didn’t eat all of my lunch because I was talking to my friends.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Well isn't that just the sweetest thing? Such a big little guy you have there Adrienne!

My Sean starts first grade tomorrow. I'll be interested to hear what he has to say about his first full day of school ever!


Angela said...

nice header :o) I'm glad he had a lot to say about school. Was he totally exhausted that night? How did John do since big brother wasn't around?

Paige said...

Yay Henry! Sounds like it was a darn good first day!

Joy said...

I love those words on school...and just so honest! ;) I hope that the second day goes as well as the first!

Ruth said...

How cute. I used to teach kindergarten and all those things sound very familiar. Seems like he had a great time.


Paula said...

Man! He didn't learn to read on the first day? What is this world coming to? The bathroom remark cracked me up. Sometimes you just gotta go alot. Sounds like the perfect first day. And he wants to go back. Even better!

Love your new header. Ah, fall time!

periwinkle said...

ahhh how sweet , how old is he now , is this the first time he has gone to school ? We start nursery at age 3, Reception age 4 and now Year 1 at age 5 and so on . In just under 2 weeks Milo will be starting his 3rd year at school.