Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Shout Out To All Women!

Here's a little something that it's in my Mom's Devotional Bible that I'd like to share. I think all women will appreciate and understand. This is for the mama's, aunties, sisters, cousins, teachers (you get the picture) who make a difference in child's life.

(PS - I won these flowers!!! Thank you Angela and Teleflora!)

Without Children

What a boring and depressing world this would be without children! Just think, there would be no need for lollipops, cotton candy or licorice. Ponies would be out of work. Amusement parks with carousels would be obsolete. Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny would have to retire. And nobody would care when a baby robin fell out of it's nest.

Infectious giggles would never be heard and "peek-a-boo" would disappear from the English language. If there were no children, who would make grandparents smile, who would play pat-a-cake, and who would try to whistle with crackers in his mouth? Balloons would never pop, milk would rarely spill, and sticky hands from chocolate bars would be a thing of the past.

Without children there would be no use for toy trains, dolls that walk and talk, or Jack-in-the-Box. Barney the Purple Dinosaur would have no one to hug, and Kermit the Frog would just turn green and die. Caterpillars wouldn't get stroked, and turtles would never get to sleep in the house. All in all, life would be a real drag.

Let's face it, children are the essence of life. They are joy and love personified.

~ On Raising Children by Mary Hollingsworth ~


periwinkle said...

beautiful :-)

Michelle said...

Lovely thoughts! Happy Mother's day!

Paula said...

Such sweet and true words. Thanks for sharing them. Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day~

Angela said...

Oh, Adrienne! Those flowers are gorgeous! I am so glad that you won and were able to enjoy them for Mother's Day...and for Henry's birthday. Yay for Teleflora!