Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Quickie

Just popping for a quick post. I finished this apron today. No pattern. Just kinda winged it.

One down for May(d) for Me. Ok. sorta. I've had this fabric for a least a year intending to make a birthday apron. I like aprons and I like birthdays so it make perfectly good sense to me at the time. Unfortunately I seemed to just put this on the back burner. I finally decided to get it done for this weekend; Henry is turning 5!!! How can that be? sigh.

Here's a close up.
The green gingham was my mom's from when I was little.

Ok. Gotta go clean my bathrooms for all the little boys who are going to make them dirty again ;-)


Joy said...

Super cute! What a great idea to have a birthday apron! Love it!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I totally wish that there was a *this rocks!* button cause I would be pushing it for you.

Super sweet and I love that story about the fabric!

Anonymous said...

Love it! How can our boys be 5 already??

Angela said...

Oh, I love that birthday fabric! So perfect! And...geez louise...thanks for the close-up of your itty bitty waist! I need to go do some more pilate!!!!

Paige said...

What a sweet apron! I've been so busy and tired lately that I haven't started anything for May(d) for me yet...I've got a pattern and the perfect fabric just laying there next to my sewing machine in wait. Next week for sure, when my gardening obsession has tamed to a dull roar. (!) Oh, and happy early birthday wishes to Henry!

Paula said...

It turned out adorable! Everyone needs a birthday apron. You'll be perfectly stylin' for that party~

heather jane said...

That is a really cute apron. You may see a rip off apron that resembles yours someday soon. I have a huge stack of gingham that needs a purpose.

Happy Birthday, Henry!!! Enjoy 5. It's a great age!!