Tuesday, April 28, 2009

T is for ...

Two Posts in one day ... Tagged

Heather Jane tagged me to take a picture of me right now - lucky for you all I didn't read her post until this AM and had already taken a shower! I'm a minimalist anyway but I do have some crazy hair in the morning ;-)

I couldn't tag just three ... if you want to play ... consider yourself tagged ;-)


I did it. I finished a top for Spring Top Week.

It was fun trying to take pictures ... the wind was not cooperating!

Fabric Heather Bailey Lollipop

Ta Ta's

Yea, you read that right. Since my spring top was 'one size' fits all ... I didn't take into account that it might not fit ... um ... across my chest. It's a little snug. I'm gonna need to try it on over my bathing suit to see if it fits better with, ahh, less bulk ;-) You know after having 2 children I opted for something that will lift and put back into place (or as DH says 'bullet proof bras') the ta ta's so the top is a a weee bit tight. ARG. I'd hate to have to rip the whole thing out. It was easy to make and I do plan on making another one ... next time I won't forget to consider the girls.

Have a great day ~ Toodles!


Angela said...

I love it! I finished my top this weekend...will post it soon. Cute morning picture, too! :o)

heather jane said...

Look how cute you are in the morning! The top is cute, too. Good luck with the ta ta issue. I've never had that problem.

Stacey's Treasures said...

This is a cute top. You'll have to make some more that are looser. It would be fun to pick out pretty fabrics to make them out of.
You look great in the morning!

periwinkle said...

you have amazing eyes , I never noticed before, Lol, would prob have been a bit snug on me too
lisa x

Lina said...

Hello you! I love this top, it's so sunny and cheerful!

Paige said...

Helloooo Beautiful! And a lovely new top, to boot! Alas, one must always consider the girls...goodness knows I've learned my lesson a couple times over!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You are

And there is no way that would fit across my chest!