Thursday, February 26, 2009

Santa Clause Came To Town

I know. It's February. But he really ... ahem ... she came again. Seriously. I'll prove it.

My package arrived encased in this beautiful box

A hand made raspberry pin and an adorable button

Oh so soft alpaca yarn (left) and merino wool/alpaca/silk yarn (right). Far Above Rubies Goat Milk Soap - Kitchen Scrub (Santa must know how I {love} to cook with garlic and onions ... the more the better!) and some Alaskan Cranberry soap. In a house of boys ... I need all the smell good stuff I can get ;-)

Look how cute the soap looks ... those elves know how to whittle!

And if you still don't believe in Kris Kringle my dear Susan's

Just look what came from the North Pole! Melt in your mouth caramels, unbelievably smooth but just strong enough coffee and, bite size biscotti and dark chocolate.

I know.

I'm drooling too.


I love swaps.

Thank you so much Nicole for your generosity and sharing the bounties of your wonderful state of Alaska ...This note card is "Gathering Berries" by Barbara Lavalle who is an Alaskan painter "of happy subjects ..."; this picture indeed makes me happy :-D

Ok - I'm not done yet ... you got that right. There's more. As if I wasn't spoiled enough. Nicole also included Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's laugh out loud book Things I Learned From Knitting (Whether I Wanted To or Not) and an adorable emery board with knitting needles and yarn embossed on it - too cute!

Now I'm off to enjoy a good read with a cup of java, some candies, and contemplate what to knit/crochet next ... hope you have a great weekend!


Paula said...

WOW! Look at all that soap and chocolate and coffee and boy do I love that notecard! You scored, Girl!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

WOW indeed! what fun gifties... swaps are always a treat... and yep i'm drooling too over the coffee and chocolate!

Angela said...

Wow! It is like Christmas all over again! I can't wait to see what you make out of that gorgeous yarn!