Saturday, November 8, 2008


Lisa passed on this sweet little award to me ... but I have to give (some not so sweet I'm sure) answers to the following:

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

This one it tough. It's not that I don't have dreams but my perspective has changed now that I have children ... and the world has changed. At one time I wanted to take a train through Europe, take a month (or two) long drive across the United States, visit the upper east coast during the fall (Maine, Vermont), buy property (50 +) acres and have a rustic retreat, restore an old house (I think we are doing that now!), show my boys how to love and that it knows no boundaries

7 Things I Do Now

Sew, read, play with my boys, cook (stop laughing DH), bake, volunteer, take lots of pictures

7 Things I Can't Do

Sing, knit quickly (if you count what I do as knitting!), follow directions very well, speak Spanish even though I took 3 years in high school, play tennis, read small print with out reading glasses, remember ... anything!

7 Things That Attract Me In The Opposite Sex

Sense of humor, eyes/smile, height (I like 'em tall), a suit, hands, manners (gotta open a door for a lady), integrity

7 Things I Say Most Often

Henry - stop aggravating your brother, John - stop aggravating your brother, go to the restroom and wash your hands, Honey - have you opened the wine?, BOYS - stop it - NOW, I love you, I'm so glad God made you

7 Celebrities I Admire

None really. Boring. I know.

7 Favourite Foods

Pizza, chocolate (that counts right?), sausage and egg biscuits, Mexican, Italian, Kashi Black Bean Mango, cheese

7 Bloggers Who Need To Do This

Ack! I don't know who to tag ... if you are reading ... consider yourself tagged! Sweet ;0)

Edit! It dawned on me that I can't just pass this to everyone ... it's a award! So here are some oldies but goodies and a few new blogs that I' recently stumbled upon that are ... well ... you know what's coming .... SWEET!

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Paige said...

Congrats on the award! And yes, chocolate definitely counts.

periwinkle said...

I like the sound of the rustic retreat and the opening of the wine - the celebrity bit was hard wasn't it. Thanks for doing this .
lisa x

Joy said...

Wow! Thanks for the award! Yes, chocolate does count and I even think that it might count twice! ;)

Michelle said...

Aw thanks! I'm totally with you on the celebrity thing!