Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Swap Dex

Have you heard of it? Swap Dex that is. If you haven't go over there (but come back here ;-} ) and check it out. It's a swappers dream come true. Swaps are listed that you might never have know about - oh the tragedy that would be to miss out on that swap!
I just discovered this wonderful site myself when Jenna contacted me about listing my Thankful Things Swap. I have really had to tap into some serious self control. I want to sign up for them all!
So ... enough said. Go check it out and if you aren't already on Some of a Kind overload you can also read an interview she did of me - little ol' me!


Joy said...

Thanks for sharing about the Swap Dex! The interview was great!!! I cannot wait to see where all the swapping continues to take you! ;)

Lina said...

Check you out, Miss celebrity blogger! Tee hee, lovely photo of you by the way!

periwinkle said...

lovely pic of you both - now why would she want you want to colour your hair, it looks perfectly fine to me..

~ANG said...

Aren't you grand! What a great interview and picture...signed any autographs yet? ;-}
Oh, one more thing....swap dex is just dreamy.