Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Now How You Run The Race

There is a kids race every fall in memory of a local physician. We thought for sure they boys would enjoy it ...

John ran, I mean was carried first. As you can see, he was crying by the end. Poor baby.

Henry started out great ... then tripped and fell. It was over from there. DH had to carry John (since I was taking pictures) and walk the rest with Henry ... who himself was in tears by the end.

No worries though, cookies and trophies saved the day.

You know what they say, It's not how you run (walk or are carried for) the race, but that you finish. Henry is already talking about next year.
Hopefully I will have some goodies to share by the end of the week. They are working on our upstairs bathroom now so they boys shared a room for nap time ... in other words ... no nap. I started working on my to-sew Christmas list ... maybe I'll finish a thing or two to post. I'm trying to finish the race! Why won't someone carry me?! ;-)


periwinkle said...

kies always save the day :-). You know I thought I had loads of time to do Christmas things but time is running out fast !!
lisa x

~ANG said...

Oh, there's the beloved shirt! I should get my girls in that race next year. Love the new header photo.