Friday, October 24, 2008


I finally finished (and like it) a softy. Tutorial here. Fabric from stash and I used poly fill instead of beans (only because I didn't have an beans on hand). Same with they eyes - I only had buttons.

Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions for my elephants and John's birthday wishes. We've finally got him holding up fingers and saying he's one ... we're working on two! As for the elephants, I'm going to give the 'saddle' suggestions a whirl. What have I got to lose!

We're having a family birthday party for Dos. Hope your weekend is hoppin'. I know ours will be!


Joy said...

I love that little frog! Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

periwinkle said...

he's cute , good luck with the saddles - have a lovely weekend
lisa x

~ANG said...

Super cute froggy! I may have to try that one. I've been working on some birds..I'll post about them soon!

Paige said...

Have a great weekend, and happy birthday to your little one!