Monday, October 20, 2008

It All Began With Bessie

Bessie the cow that is. I had seen her before. She had to be the same gal. So I did what any cautious blogger would do. I left Angela a comment with some very vague questions (as not to give away the location of Bessie) to see if indeed we, I mean our children, had milked the same cow. Yup. We discovered we were neighbors! Small world indeed. We set a play date after much comparing of calenders and surprise ~ we run into each other at a festival! We were so excited that we forgot to take pictures ... but not the second time we met. Cameras were in full force.

Poor Bessie ... I think she's been milked one too many times.

What was really cool was how our kids got along so nicely. It felt like Angela and I had known each other for far longer than our 2 weeks of correspondence. We packed in quite a bit of chatter during the 2 hours at the museum. To think that we were complete strangers, stumbled upon each others blogs and discovered that I went to high school with her husband!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Angela and her daughters. They are just delightful. It was so much fun getting to meet them. Such pleasant company! Thanks Bessie. Here's a great big shout out, I mean moooo, to ya!


Angela tagged me to name 6 random things about me. Here goes:

~ I hate the toilet paper to hang backwards (the loose end towards the wall). I like it to be hanging down the front. Much easier to pull off. We all know how important this is when you have helpers in the bathroom with you ...

~ I can load a ton of stuff in the dishwasher and it comes out clean. DH is always amazed at how I can make it all fit.

~ I can almost always guess the right size Tupperware for leftovers. DH again, is in awe of my domestic abilities.

~ I am a morning person. I'd much rather be up at 4 am than at 2 am. In college no matter how much coffee I drank I could not pull an all nighter - I'd be cross-eyed shortly after midnight. I'd get up early to finish up whatever was due (at 8 am no doubt).

~ With that said - give me a cup of loaded coffee after 4 pm today and I'll be up all night. Getting older is for the birds.

So, that's only five I know. I asked DH what he thought my quirks were. Poor thing looked like a deer in headlights. I explained to him what it was for ... he cautiously said, "Well, you move things around. A lot." He never knows where to put things when he unloads the dishwasher, puts the laundry away, or where to sit in our living room ... I do move things around ... a lot.

There you have it! I hope you will still be my blogging friend now that you know more about me ;-) If you are still reading ... consider yourself tagged!

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periwinkle said...

Now I'm the other way round - I have to have my loo roll against the wall!! .. but I do move things around a lot too
Lisa x