Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back In Time

This weekend John and I had a little one on one time. We headed to a local festival that is held every year at a historical landmark.

We had a blast. Spent the better part of 2 hours there. I think that is a record for John ... being entertained for such a long period of time.

I also (surprisingly) ran into Angela and her gang. Yup, we discovered we were neighbors. One of those "hmm ... some of those pictures look familiar ... I live near that place". A few email conversations later to determine we weren't axe murderers and a play date was set for this Friday. We were so excited to have run into each other that we forgot to take a picture of our meeting. Don't worry, we've already discussed having our cameras on Friday! The Some of a Kind / Clothesline Chronicles (second) rendezvous will be documented! ;-)


Rachel said...

I was at a historical museum once with Violet, and this really nice lady helped me carry all my things off and on the tram. I thought it might have been you (her son was wearing the cutest home-made romper) until I realized her kids didn't match yours! That's so cool that you actually did meet a fellow blogger that way.

~ANG said...

I haven't downloaded my pictures yet of the festival...your pics are better. I was tagged the other day so I'm passing it on to you. So, tag, you're it! Share 6 random things about yourself. See you Friday! Don't forget to charge your camera batteries!

Paige said...

Hooray for mommy/daddy alone time! And I love your new shoes, is one of my favorite colors.