Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pur-fect Pillow

Drum roll please ... What you all have been waiting for (ok not really but humor me) ...

Ta Da!

This is my last big Christmas present - a reading pillow from Sew Liberated. This is the second one I've made. I gave my mom one last year for her birthday - she uses it for reading but said it also is very helpful when she is cross stitching to prop up / rest her arms on.

If you have a reader that is on your gift list ... this is a must sew. You could make it even easier (and/or faster) if you left off the piping. I will probably give this with a gift certificate to a local book store.

For someone who loves a good book and appreciates comfort ... this reading pillow is just pur-fect!


Jade said...

You have your big Christmas presents done already? I'm scrambling to get a baby shower gift ready for Saturday! :) Amazing really.

Joy said...

It looks GREAT!!! My daughter got one for her birthday and she loves it!!! I secretly use it when she is not looking! ;)

Tiff said...

It turned out really cute! I love the colors on the fabric! What a great gift idea. HMMM Maybe i should make one for me for Christmas! LOL I love to read.