Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swingin' Smock

One of my close friends little girl is turning one the end of this month. She is the cutest little thing you have ever seen (I'm certainly biased). She has dark brown hair and eyes as blue as the ocean in the Caribbean. She looks like a little cherub. Henry is friends with her older brother ... as they get older, I know he's going to be glad (and so will John), because my little girlfriend is going to be a knock out.

I made my girlfriend (that's what I call the munchkin) the swing smock from Bend The Rules and copied the pattern at 160 percent to make it smaller. This was easy and fun to make. The only thing that gave me fit was putting on the bias tape around the arms. I made the tape 1/4 inch wide - I should have made it a little wider. It was temperamental ... nothing to with me at all ... ahehm ;-)

I had actually started to make bloomers to match out of the blue gingham but again ... tiny seams and I do not get along. If I am flooded with patients and delicate fingers I might give it a go again ... since the prospect of that is limited next to none ... a smock it is ~ Happy birthday girlfriend!


queen of everything said...

i feel your pain with tiny seams. the most difficult thing i ever made were the gauntlets for my little girls flower girl dress. argh

Lil D said...

That's really cute - I'm sure it will get a lot of wear.

angie.a said...

This is adorable. I miss sewing for little ones. :(