Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Angel Arpon

You can't really tell in this picture, but ... this baby blanket turned out terribly! I hated to waste the fabric so I set it aside for some other day. You know, when I actually had time to rip out all the stitches. Well, that other day came. Not because I had time, but because I had a purpose.

Lucy, who coordinates The Sassy Apron Swap, put out a request for some Apron Angels. Her little neck of the woods was hit hard by tornadoes. Lucy wrote "I would love to be able to send an apron to as many of these women as possible to send them a message of hope and love. "

I knew immediately that I wanted to help so I started looking at my stash. Nothing was jumping out at me ... except that darn blanket that needed to be ripped apart. hmph. The green seemed to say 'new life' and the pink so feminine and soft. So I did what had to be done ... spent some quality time with my seam ripper. Henry was so funny, "Did you mess this one up too?" He's no stranger to the seam ripper in my hand. Once the scallops were cut off I had the perfect size piece of material for the skirt! I used Bend The Rules vintage apron pattern and added a pocket.

She's off to Missouri to give some very deserving woman a great big hug from Virginia.


periwinkle said...

I think it looks great as a n apron - well done you and for a good cause also. Thanks for all your comments on Boris, the quilt and my goodies. I think I've finally found my crafting mojo!
Lisa x

Lina said...

Great idea! Well done for salvaging it!

Lola said...

That is lovely! I think I'll have to make an apron to send off too.