Tuesday, May 20, 2008

31 Hours

I am blessed enough to have a group of girlfriends that I've known since my freshman year in college - there are 9 of us to be exact. We lived together for 3 years, became sorority sisters and, friends for life. We call ourselves the girls. Not very original but it works. We have been with each other through many ups and downs ... and we still like each other. Correct that - we still love each other. Ever since graduation we have tried to get together at least once a year. The first few years were easy - bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, Baptisms ... now it's a little harder - cross country moves, babies, etc. Well, this year I get to see the girls twice! My 31 hours away from home was for my Delta Zeta sorority reunion.

Try getting 30+ women who haven't seen each other since graduation to get into formation, be still, stop talking, and smile at the same time ... we had a blast.

My date with Ronald was a quickie ... no need to panic - it was lunch at Ronald McDonald's alone (no infidelity ... unless you consider the fact that I actually love chicken nuggets) on the road ... so I could get home to see my boys. DH and I use 'Ronald' as our code word for McDonald's so that Henry won't know what we are talking about. I have a feeling if Henry hasn't already figured out our code word, he soon will. Those 4 year olds ...
It was so great to see the girls and catch up with my 'sisters' who I haven't seen in ages. Despite being able to listen to whatever music I wanted to (for 6 hours!), chit chatting, sleeping in, and having someone make me breakfast ... there's no place like home.

Here's another peek at my Emmeline Apron - she's coming along nicely. This one is going to be hard to give away.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I like how the apron is looking!

How fun to have such good life-long friendships!

Joy said...

Hip hip hooray for getaways! It looks like you had a great time!!!
Your apron is looking amazing! I cannot wait to see the whole thing! It even looks like it would be hard to give away! ;)

periwinkle said...

Now I see, I can't remember the last time I had any decent alone time! Looking forward to seeing your apron
Lisa x

Lina said...

How fab to have a get together - so many of you too! Love the little apple pocket detail - very cute.

Em said...

I'm thinking about doing an applique on my emmeline apron too... Are you making yours for the Sassy apron swap? I am, and it is going to be hard to give this one away too!!! I am loving it - and it's not as hard as I thought it would be!