Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What A Little Moonlight Can Do

A little moon light makes me purruse on Etsy.
I bought purse feet for my Sophia and some nickel purse frames to try out her tutorial. Fast and free shipping at Meow Craft no matter where you are! Who wouldn't want to receive such a nicely wrapped present ... umm ... purchase.

A little moonlight (er - sunlight) can make working with wads and wads of fabric more tolerable.

I'm @*&%$* under my breath trying to flatten out too many yards of fabric (lining for the sewing room curtains) and what do I see? My sweet Rhododendron in bloom. Ahhh ...

A little moonlight can cause DH and myself to get grandma to come and babysit so we can have a date.Just ignore the fact I look pregnant (I'm not - I'm just blaming the photographer!)

Now for the inspiration for the post title - Billie Holiday - man could she sing.


Lola said...

You don't look pregnant, you look gorgeous! I won't even put a photo of myself on the net until I lose a ton or two! I love that dress too!! Woot-woo!

periwinkle said...

So thats what you look like-- you make a lovely couple. Hope you had a nice time and that you get your curtains sorted out
Lisa x

Kris said...

Hi Adrienne! We could be twins! I have the same 'do :) Usually it's shorter, but I haven't had a chance to make it to the hair place in a couple of months. You look mahhhhvelous!

Joy said...

How fun to have a night out! I think that your Sophia bag fabric choice is really fun. I am excited to see the finished project. Thanks for sharing the Etsy site.

Adrienne said...

You guys are all so kind. Thanks for the lovely comments!