Wednesday, April 16, 2008

T is For ...


I've decided it's my party (not Boston's) and I can drink tea if I want to ... and eat lemon pound cake right before lunch.

Now I'm a coffee in the AM kinda gal but a good cup of tea in the afternoon (or anytime really) is always comforting. Here's were you can help me have my party, eat my cake and have a cup of tea ... I'm looking for a good cup of tea. I enjoy the blend pictured but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. At one time I adored Earl Gray but have wondered away from ol' EG. What's your favorite tea?

I finished 2 more totes. These are for my sister-in-laws bday. I just love these Amy Butler fabrics.

There will be more of these in my future. Tutorial here. (note I reverse the pocket so that you can use it - curved end towards the top - stitching leaving the curved part open to actually create a pocket)

For all of your lovely commets. I wish I could email each person every time a comment is left but b/c blogger is set up the way it is, I can't. I just love to hear from you all and so enjoy reading your blogs and checking our your craft adventures. So THANK YOU for stopping by and know that your words mean so much to this stay at home mom who's conversations go something like this "MAMMA - I need to go potty." "MAMMA John took the toy away from me." "MaMaMaMa - ea- ea - ea - mo - mo - mo (eat more)".


UK lass in Us tagged me the other day and Periwinkle had a neat little tag that she left 'open' for who wanted to play. I think I'll combine the two (7 weird / random facts and a Q&A) and do the same - whoever wishes to play along, please do!

4 Places I have been: Switzerland, Germany, San Francisco, New Orleans

4 People I email: DH, my college roommates/sorority sisters (7 of them!)

4 Places I have lived: Russellville, Arkansas; Port Clinton, Ohio; Radford, Virginia; and where I live now in VA ... (If you count where I spent most of my childhood summers then add Nanuet, NY to the list)

4 Things to eat: pizza, chocolate Freddo (more on that in another post...), a western (hamburger with an egg, ketchup, and mustard - mmm- mmm good), anything Mexican

4 Movies I'd watch again: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dead Poets Society, It's a Wonderful Life, 10 Commandments

4 TV shoes I watch: Ha - I'm too tired once the boys go to bed! No TV for me :-(

4 Places I'd rather be: Gosh ... no where else really, maybe at the beach but with my DH and boys ... I would like to go to Europe again

4 Things to look forward to: Watching my boys grow up, DH and I getting to travel again (one day), sewing some clothes for me, continuing to work on our 75 year old house

7 Random / weird things...

1) I'd say the fact that I like egg and hamburger together would be considered weird ...

2) I was voted 'Most Spirited' in high school - translation - most obnoxious at football games

3) My dad is a nuclear engineer - masters in physics - I cannot balance my checkbook w/o a calculator - I got the short end of the stick when it came to DNA for math and science!

4) I cannot sing - I barely do it with the radio up loud b/c I am so bad. I practically whisper in church

5) I love to dance (not great at that either but I don't care)

6) I've helped fly an airplane (my dad was a pilot)

7) I've seen 2 ghosts (deceased family members)

And now that I've completely freaked you out ... I hope you'll come back to visit again or I just might have to haunt you! ;-) Just kidding - happy day! (This is post #96!)


lil' miss martha stewart said...

favorite tea: Stash brand almond cream, or holiday chai, or christmas eve, or just about any of their teas. i adore the totes, i'm really trying to get back into sewing. i love the memes. my daughters and i try to have a tea party after school everyday, but most of the time we're just too busy

thecherubscloset said...

Ha! Such fun to learn those interesting random facts about you. :) Nice totes, you've been productive!

StitchingSurgeon said...

fav tea: Harney & Sons African Autumn - the best ever!!!! Hard to find sometimes though so my runners up - H&S Chocolate & Roses and celestial seasonings tangerine zinger.
Love the totes...gotta give that one a try...if I can find the time!'s been CRAZY lately!

Kris said...

Fun post Adrienne! Teas... hmmm... I'm still looking as well. Most days I just go with good 'ol Lipton and add some honey and milk. YUM!

Joy said...

Cute totes and fun facts! As for tea though I too am a Lipton girl! It is an old trusty stand-by! I have heard some good things about Good Earth Teas but I have not tried them out yet. ;)