Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rain Drops Were Falling On My Head

We have had a great deal of rain this spring , or maybe it just seems that way. No complaints really - we've actually been doing some rain dances - want to avoid drought!

Our cherry tree has taken a beating ...

Betcha didn't know it snows pink here in Virginia!

The one and only of my Irises to bloom as of yet ...

Thanks for all the funny comments regarding my domesticity. I can always us a good laugh - especially when I'm being attacked by dust bunnies that can talk - yikes!

I found this funny article the other day. Thought you might enjoy it: How to set up a rain barrel. We plan to do this ourselves ... well, hopefully not quite that way. Here's a serious article on 'how to'. Hope you are getting rained on in your neck of the woods ... you know what I mean ;0)

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