Friday, April 11, 2008

Body Double

I'd thought I would share a little wish of mine. I soooo want to be able to sew clothing. I have such a hard time finding clothes that fit properly and the tailor situation in town isn't the greatest (or inexpensive). I want to buy a dressform but I don't want to spend the money for a passing fancy (or get way in over my head). So, I checked out this book from the library The Zapp Method of Couture Sewing.

It's very interesting and easy to read. Now, I haven't tried to put any of her instructions to use mind you (I've only gleaned the book). I might actually purchase this one - so far it appears to be a keeper. Same with this one Fantastic Fit For Everybody: How to Alter Patterns to Flatter Your Figure .

Two other books that I'm interested in but I'd have to have the library order them ... Do you love what you sew? and Sewing Secrets from the Fashion Industry: Proven Methods to Help You Sew Like the Pros. I'm just going to try to digest the two I've got first (in my spare time - ha!).

I already have a few patterns that might need to be adjusted. Amy Butler's Lotus tunic and cami, and this McCall's dress. I might need to stock up on some cheap fabric (muslin) and make up mock outfits and try them on - the cut into the real fabric. I have a long way to go considering math / measuring is not a strength of mind (lest I remind you of my curtains) ~ a gal can dream can't she?!

WIP's update - I finished the dishtowel - put the curtains aside for now - received my fabric for the BTRS and got it in the wash (some of Amy Butler's new fabric - beautiful!) - I have 4 pairs of pants that DH wants me make into shorts - Sophia is just looking at me waiting for her feet and lining to be put in - and the dishcloth is just over half way done. It's supposed to be rainy here this weekend so maybe I'll make some progress ;-)

Hope you have a weekend filled with happy stitches and no seam ripping!

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StitchingSurgeon said...

I'm so with you on the sewing clothes - I want to do it soooo badly! I've been looking at dressforms for quite some time and I am just at a loss on which one to get (plus, like you I'm afraid it will just be a fleeting idea and then be a dust collector). And how weird is it that my pattern sitting on the top of my next up to try pile is the same McCall's dress pattern you have picked out there! I picked up some $2/yard Wal-Mart fabric to try the pattern with...just as cheap as muslin then if it turns out cute you don't have to do it all over again!

Lola said...

I just started making my own clothes again. I made them all in High school and in college. I was a costume design I know how to do the whole thing!
If you understand the basics of sewing, you can make clothes for sure! I have faith in you!!!

lil' miss martha stewart said...

i love to sew clothing. i made my own wedding dress. good luck with it. it is very rewarding

kerri said...

Maybe instead of shelling out a bunch of cash on a dressform, you can make one yourself? There are instructions around online. I made one and I love it, I can actually see my shape and take accurate measurements. Plus you get to see how stuff looks on you from the back. It has been a huge help for my fitting issues.
Making muslins are a great way to test the pattern, and practice putting it together. By the time you are snipping into the good stuff you'll be sewing it up with your eyes closed! You can do it!

periwinkle said...

It would be so nice to make clothes,I don't think it's my forte though. Thanks for your comment, hopefully we are making the right decision
Lisa x