Friday, April 4, 2008


Yup. I'm biased. I now prefer to make my bias tape with this lovely contraption. I was inspired by Kris's quilt so I pulled out my BTRS book to take a peek at the instructions again. In doing so, I read the section about making your own bias tape. Hmmm...the wheels are a-turnin'...maybe a trip to JoAnn's is in order.

Well, we made it to JoAnn's but not just for that. I was also looking for ready made bias tape to match the grey in the fabric above. No such luck - not even close. So, armed with my new knowledge (and my bias tape maker) I set off to make my own. Not perfect but good enough for what I needed this batch for. I am making a reusable grocery tote. If you look closely you can see it attached to what will be the pocket of the tote.
Hope you have a warm weather, fun filled, lots of sewing weekend!


periwinkle said...

Yep pity it didn't fit but never mind. Do those contraptions actually work? I saw it in the book and had never even heard of them before. Can't get a connection to Kris's quilt though
Lisa x

Lola said...

AMY BUTLER GOODNESS!! I just got that same fabric, in different colors, in the mail yesterday!!!

I love to make my own bias tape, it makes everything look better!!

StitchingSurgeon said...

I love this fabric! I've gotta get some...and isn't making your own bias tape the BEST! I much prefer it to the packaged tape!