Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Uh Oh The Power is Out

8:45 PM - we're on our way up to put Henry to bed. The lights go out. Then come on. Then go out. On again. Off. Great. What now. Mad scramble to get the flashlights. Henry is on the verge of freaking out. DH is trying to find the phone book to call the power company to find out if our power is coming back on tonight or not. It began to rain / ice yesterday evening so were weren't sure (still aren't) if that is what caused the outage. Of couse we could see that the neighborhoods next to us all had power. ugh. Here's DH's conversation with the power company:
DH - "Hi, just wanted to alert you to a power outage and see if you could give us an estimate of when it will be restored"
PC - " Hmm....let's see (click clack click clack - typing) pause (click clack). Looks like the estimate is for Feb. 14th at 8 PM.
DH - Silence
PC - Sir?
DH - Yes - ok - that's 48 hours from now.
PC - Yes sir.
DH - ok - I guess - thank you.


We began the task of pulling out every blanket / down comforter we had in this house preparing for all of us to sleep in our bed. Thankfully, we waited to move John because the power came back on at 10:00 PM (Henry still wide awake in our bed). We were in too deep then - Henry crashed in our bed and poor DH was crammed to the edge. Henry kept working his way over to him despite relocating him to the middle. Strangely enough, that was the best night's sleep I've gotten since Thurs. I'm definitly feeling better.

Ice on a tree in our backyard.

This car isn't going anywhere today!


Lina said...

Glad you didn't have to make it through the night without power. Last year we had lots of freezing rain and -20C weather, resulting in a lot of power cuts!!!! No fun!

Kris said...

YIKES! Glad to hear the power went back on - the most frustrating thing about the power going off is that you just don't know when it'll go back on... I sent you an email earlier - I'd love some advice with Ben!