Thursday, December 20, 2007

One Two Three...Where's Four?

1234 ...but where is placemat number four? Waiting to have the seams ripped out and redone. Ugh. I wasn't paying attention (as usual) and layered my fabrics wrong. I'm following Amy's placemat directions from Bend the Rules and using fleece to line them. The three completed are oh so nice. I really like how they turned out and how they feel. Not stiff but soft and functional. I have the pink floral, a green floral, and the stripe that I'm going to make napkins out of. This is all I got done today because we spent the morning at the doctors office. Ear infection for one and a nasty wheezing chest cold for the other. Tis the season for yuck. Nothing like a 3 1/2 year on on if he did not have enough energy. Here's to speedy recoveries!


lindiepindie said...

Looking at the picture of the placemats, I thought it was all one placemat. It wasn't until I clicked on the picture that I saw more than 1. I am thinking, however, that circles with a horizontal stripe would make a pretty cute patchfolio cover. :o)

sassypriscilla said...

I like your choice in fabrics. Pretty! If it were me, I'd never get the fourth done. Here's hoping you have an attention span greater than mine!