Monday, December 31, 2007

Lemons and Limes

When I was trying to get the kitchen cleaned up after breakfast and begin tonight's dinner I had a little help. John became fascinated with Henry's apron. Of course once Henry saw how tickled I was and the camera was out...on went the Home Depot apron. My dad gave the apron to H a while back when he was visiting. I forgot that dad taught H to say "Hi, I'm Henry. How may I help you?" when he had it on. More giggling in the kitchen...meanwhile J kept trying to put lemons and limes in our trash can (it opens on its own - we can, and do, turn it off!).

We are having friends over tonight for an early celebration. They have a 22 month old...we'll see how far we get through dinner before someone melts down...we'll just get John back in the kitchen to turn those lemons into lemonade and all will be well! Wishing you all a safe and fun end to 2007. See you in 2008...

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Kris said...

Happy New Year Adrienne! I hope you enjoy knitting - once you get it down, you'll be making *everyone* scarves! Definitely check out this site for help:

I forgot to mention before that I tried the mei tai with Ben and he loves it! It has a pink paisley panel on the front now, but I think I'll sew a cool Japanese print over it. And how the heck do you pronounce it - like the drink, or like "May" the month? :) Kris